Widget buttons

It is possible to add buttons to the widget conversation by sending specific text structure in the messsage.


* — required fields

button*Button service ID


Any text to appear on the button. At exceeding of the widget width the text is truncated automatically.
{URL}URL embedded into the button text, so it opens in the browser when clicked. If empty, the button text will automatically be copied and sent as the client reply (for instance, to trigger the bot).
{URL type}

Accepts one of the two values:

  • blank
  • self

Indicates where to open new page, either new or current browser tab consequently.

If this parameter is not set, this one will also be ignored.


Here you can define whether the button text must be added to the bot message (if there is any) or not.

It accepts one of two values:

  • show
  • noshow

The part of the text enclosed into brackets with noshow will be displayed on the button only:

Sent: Take the gun Vincent {{button:Take the gun;;;noshow}}

Dispayed: Vincent "Take the gun"

The part of the text taken into brackets with show, will not affect the original text:

Sent: Take the gun Vincent {{button:Take the gun;;;show}}

Displayed: Take the gun Vincent "Take the gun"

N.B.: In the case of any error of the button configuration it will not appear in the widget.

Text and button colors are configured on the widget settings page (see "<label>Button text color in messages" and "</label><label>Button background color in messages")</label>. If none of them are set manually, default colors will be displayed instead.

Example: Take the gun Vincent {{button:Take the gun;https://usedesk.com;blank;show}}