Forms in the widget

With the help of forms in the widget you can request additional data from the client: e-mail, phone, name, title or any additional text information.

Text construction of the form


* — required fields

form* Service identifier of the form
name* Field Header

Variable to which the information specified in the field will be added

Possible values:

  • email;
  • phone;
  • name;
  • note;
  • position.

You can also use the ID of an additional field. It will contain the value specified by the client.

The following types of additional fields are supported:

  • Text;
  • Flag;
  • Dropdown-list;
  • Nested list.

Field mandatory flag

Possible values:

  • true;
  • false.

By default: false

N.B.: If there was an error in configuring the field, it will not be reflected in the widget.

Examples of using form fields

Example of an outgoing message

{{form;First and Last Name;name;true}} — The field with the title "First and Last Name", the data will be recorded as the client's name, is mandatory;

{{form;Mail;email;true}} — The field with the title "Mail", the data will be recorded as the client's mail, is mandatory.